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Where We Come From

Our metrics show that our neighbors come from interesting places!  Last summer, IASC’s interns decided that we needed a map to show clients’ countries of origin.  Since January of 2019, we have “pinned” more than 40 countries!  Some are what you might expect – Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Colombia.  But . . .Tibet?  Italy?  Thailand?  Iraq?  Togo?


In addition to capturing a client’s country of origin, IASC tracks the town of residence, race, ethnicity, family composition and income level.  This information is important for our funders and is required for government grants. 


These residents from different countries may not be aware of the importance of the upcoming Census or may not realize that the information is completely confidential.  This year’s Census, which starts March 12, is the first that will be primarily conducted online.  IASC is encouraging residents to be counted and is partnering with the Census Team to make a computer available so that those without online access can complete the form.  Secretary of State, Susan Byziewicz, shared that each individual results in about $2,900 in funding for the State of Connecticut.


So no matter where you are from – make sure you are counted!

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