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Call us at 860-629-7758
to make an appointment
For safety reasons, we are not allowing walk-ins at this time


What to Expect

The first step is to call IASC’s Paralegal, Angela Florez during appointment office hours (Monday – Thursday, 9:30am – 2:30pm). She is fluent in both English and Spanish and has a law degree from her native Colombia. Either Ms. Florez  or one of our trained volunteers will answer the phone and ask you to describe your situation, provide contact information, and inquire as to which days are best for you for an appointment. After reviewing Attorney Joseph Marino's calendar, you will receive a call to confirm this appointment.


The purpose of your visit is so that Attorney Marino can fully understand your situation and determine the best path forward. The visit will cost $25. The meeting can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. Please bring all paperwork related to your case with you to this visit. We will provide you with a list of forms that you should plan on bringing, but if you have any questions regarding additional documentation, please reach out. If you are not fluent in either English or Spanish, you should also bring along a friend to help translate.


Ms. Florez will greet you when you arrive and ask for more detailed information about your address, your income level, and your immigration issue. This information is always kept private. Afterward, you will meet with Attorney Joseph Marino. During this visit, he will ask you lots of questions to ensure that he understands your case and can identify the best path forward.

After you meet with Attorney Marino, you will meet again with Ms. Florez. She will let you know the sliding-scale legal fee that you will owe IASC based on your income and what Attorney Joseph Marino has determined is necessary for your case. She will also let you know your expected fees to USCIS. You can take time to decide if you want to work further with IASC, and you are under no obligation to pay more than the $20 for the initial visit.


If you decide to work with IASC, you may need to visit the office several times to provide needed documentation and to answer questions for your file. One of our trained interns can help you with this process. Once your information is complete, Attorney  Marino will review the paperwork and Ms. Florez will mail the documents to USCIS. Attorney Marino will meet with you to prepare you for any USCIS interviews and will accompany and represent you at those meetings.

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