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A Client's Story

IASC is proud to have helped Yenny with the entire citizenship process. Yenny lived in the United States for 14 years as a permanent resident when she decided to apply for a second time to obtain her citizenship. The first time she did the process by herself and failed to pass the questions in English.


This time, Yenny decided to work with IASC.   We completed and sent in her application, then waited seven months for her interview. During that time Yenny studied the 100 civic questions of the exam and attended English classes. The lawyer explained everything about how her next interview would be, and once or twice a week, she came to practice the questions with our volunteers. Ericka, from Connecticut College, was one of the people who helped her most with her case. Ericka recorded the questions and answers on Yenny's cell phone, so that Yenny could study them on her own.


Finally, on the day of the interview, Yenny was accompanied by Attorney Marino, and everything went very well. She felt more confident this time and managed to get her citizenship. We are happy to have helped Yenny in this process. Congratulations, Yenny!

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