El Centro de Apoyo y Apoyo de Inmigración asegura que los inmigrantes obtengan el beneficio La protección de la ley y el apoyo de la comunidad en su intento de convertirse en ciudadanos. El IASC ayuda a los inmigrantes a ser autosuficientes, aportando a los ciudadanos proporcionando servicios de bajo costo, servicios legales de alta calidad y proporciona educación sobre la política de inmigración comunidad.

El IASC es un servicio legal de base y un programa de divulgación totalmente financiado por donaciones y horas hombre pro-bono. Su apoyo ahora es fundamental para los inmigrantes locales y sus familias. ¡Gracias!

Dedicated to Community Outreach and Connection

This past Wednesday, IASC director and attorney Michael Doyle spoke to local community members at the Park Street Branch of the Hartford Public Library about their immigration concerns. This outreach effort is part of an expanded outreach program through the public library that giviasc-4es legal assistance to local residents. Doyle will be at the branch Wednesday mornings starting on December 21st through the month of January.  You can go to the Park Street Branch’s website for more information, here. IASC is dedicated to connecting with and reaching out to as many people in need as possible during this time and will continue to seek out opportunities for community engagement.

IASC Urges Unity and Mutual Support at Connecticut College Post-Election Forum

As part of the Residential Education Program at Connecticut College, IASC Director, Michael Doyle, Esq., was invited to attend an open forum with faculty, staff, and students about immigration concerns in the wake of the 2016 national election. Among the topics discusseiasc-3d were the possible termination of the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, what it means to have a “sanctuary” campus or city, and what schools, communities, and individuals can do to prepare for unwanted changes in law and policy. While much still remains uncertain, Doyle stressed that now more than ever it is important for us to support one another and make sure that everyone feels welcome and included within our communities and schools. It gives us hope that Connecticut College is showing such support to its students, faculty, and staff during this time. We want to express our thanks to Reverend Claudia Highbaugh, Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life, for inviting us and helping to organize the event.

IASC in Norwich Preaching Community Solidarity in Uncertain Times

image4-croppedTo an audience of over 70 people, IASC’s Director, Attorney Michael Doyle, gave a presentation at Norwich Adult Education about the 2016 election and its possible consequences on immigration law and policy. Addressing widespread concerns, Doyle spoke about the threatened elimination of programs like DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and portions of TPS (Temporary Protected Status).  He outlined what is known so far and what still remains unknown about the incoming administration’s plans for immigration changes. Doyle reiterated IASC’s mission and vision to provide continued support and commitment to all those who need it during these uncertain times. Doyle also expressed how important community solidarity and supporting one another will be as the nation move forward into 2017.image5-cropped

Doyle and Norwich Adult Education committed to the crowd that follow-up sessions would be planned to help those particularly affected by threatened changes to the law.  Norwich Adult Education provides adult learners various pathways to complete their high school education, learn English as a second language, and master the questions and concepts required to pass the U.S. citizenship exams.

IASC Inspires Cooperation at Connecticut College

After the 2016 election, faculty, students, and staff of Connecticut College had the unique opportunity to sit down and discuss reactions to the rhetoric of the election with IASC’s directimage1or Attorney Mike Doyle. This meeting helped to highlight that the way to move forward is to work together toward understanding others’ views and concerns.


Cooperation of Local Organizations Against ‘Anti-Immigrant Spirit’

After last Tuesday’s election, the rhetoric img_6322
of the victorious party is determinedly set against immigrants, causing immediate fear among many immigrant populations.

In Sunday’s edition of the New London Day, IASC’s Director, Attorney Michael Doyle, was featured emphasizing the positive rhetoric of the United States being a Nation of Immigrants saying that “Without immigrants, we really wouldn’t have this country.”

IASC is determined to move forward by focusing on the positive. While a major concern is the recipients of DACA, all immigrant populations at risk face the same fears of losing the couIMG_3610ntry that they have come to know and being separated from their families.

Although little is known concerning what exact form new policies will take, in cooperation with other local organizations IASC hopes to move forward by being cautious and well informed, but mostly by bringing people together.

To read the full article from the New London Day click here.