About Us




In 2010, a project called of Encounters of Hope was established to assist the rapidly growing population of Hispanic/Latino families whose basic needs were under-served. Encounters assisted over 100 individuals and their families, but it was clear that more help was needed for the wider immigrant population. The Immigration Advocacy and Support Center (IASC) or “I Ask” was formed to provide low-cost, high-quality immigration related legal services and to educate communities in Eastern CT on immigration law and policy. IASC assists immigrants of all nations, with an emphasis on unaccompanied children, refugees seeking asylum, and survivors of domestic violence, sex trafficking, and other crimes.


IASC’s goal is to ensure that immigrants get the full benefit and protection of the law and the support of the community as they attempt to become citizens.


IASC will be the trusted source of immigration-related legal advice and information of Eastern Connecticut.