El Centro de Apoyo y Apoyo de Inmigración asegura que los inmigrantes obtengan el beneficio La protección de la ley y el apoyo de la comunidad en su intento de convertirse en ciudadanos. El IASC ayuda a los inmigrantes a ser autosuficientes, aportando a los ciudadanos proporcionando servicios de bajo costo, servicios legales de alta calidad y proporciona educación sobre la política de inmigración comunidad.

El IASC es un servicio legal de base y un programa de divulgación totalmente financiado por donaciones y horas hombre pro-bono. Su apoyo ahora es fundamental para los inmigrantes locales y sus familias. ¡Gracias!

Monthly Archives: February 2016

Beware of diploma scams

avoid-scamsThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning individuals about worthless diplomas that are being sold through fake sites. These sites falsely claim that their diplomas can be used to enroll in college, apply for a job, get a promotion or enlist in the military.  

Here are signs of a high school diploma scam:

  • They want you to pay just for a diploma. Real education programs may charge for classes or testing, but they usually do not charge just for a diploma.
  • You can earn the diploma from home immediately. If you can earn the diploma without taking any classes or tests, it’s likely a scam.
  • They claim to be affiliated with the federal government. Individual states — not the federal government — regulate high school diploma programs.

For more information read the FTC’s High School Diploma Scams page. It will help you tell the difference between legitimate programs and diploma scams.

Hispanic Identities in Greater New London Panel

IASCCCCCOn Wednesday, February 17th, the Hispanic Studies and Latin American Studies Departments at Connecticut College hosted the first of two panels about Hispanic Identities in Greater New London. The goal of the panel was to discuss how the Hispanic identity is constructed at different global and local levels by comparing and contrasting Latin American and Latino cultures. Jennifer Blanco, from the United Way Food Center, Joyce Bennett, an Anthropology professor who spent last summer doing research in New London, Jennifer Rudolph, a Hispanic Studies professor, and IASC’s Attorney, Michael Doyle, were the four panelists present at the event. All panelists addressed issues such as health, education, politics, immigration, food security, and the obstacles and benefits of the Hispanic community in New London. The event was followed by a dynamic Q&A session, which brought new perspectives and different opinions to the topics presented by the panelists, making the event a success.