El Centro de Apoyo y Apoyo de Inmigración asegura que los inmigrantes obtengan el beneficio La protección de la ley y el apoyo de la comunidad en su intento de convertirse en ciudadanos. El IASC ayuda a los inmigrantes a ser autosuficientes, aportando a los ciudadanos proporcionando servicios de bajo costo, servicios legales de alta calidad y proporciona educación sobre la política de inmigración comunidad.

El IASC es un servicio legal de base y un programa de divulgación totalmente financiado por donaciones y horas hombre pro-bono. Su apoyo ahora es fundamental para los inmigrantes locales y sus familias. ¡Gracias!

Monthly Archives: November 2015

Mark your Calendars: Free Citizenship Clinic Next Weekend!

Attention legal permanent residents: If you have had your green card for 5 years (3 years if you are married to a US citizen) you may be eligible to apply for citizenship. Come to our Free Citizenship Clinic at 8 Washington Street in New London to complete the application!  To register go to http://www.miracoalition.org/citizenship. If you think you or someone you know may be eligible, but are unsure please email info@iascct.org or call 617- 500-5998 with any questions or concerns.

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Community Collaborative Forum

IMG_3280This thursday, the Southeast Mental Health System of Care and the Norwich Area Advisory Council came together to provide a forum where community leaders strategized for the development of new and existing resources to better serve and strengthen families and communities in the region. A 2-1-1 supervisor, Nate Calixto, started off the presentations and explained 2-1-1’s job as an intermediary between individuals in need and social services agencies in CT.


Up next was Attorney Michael Doyle, who had the pleasure to present IASC and talk about the immigration services we provide as part of the community-based, family-focused, and culturally competent services that the System of Care wanted to ensure in the forum. The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and the process for the Asylum of refugees were just some of the topics discussed as part of our goal to inform community leaders about the legal process that many immigrants have to overcome in order to obtain legal statuses in the United States.

IASC is very pleased to be part of this community collaborative and will continue working with other community leaders to keep advocating for the well-being of our communities.

The Latin Rhythm Night was a Great Success!

This past Saturday, tIASC18he community in the area came together to support the Latin Rhythm Night event hosted by IASC. More than 250 people were present to show their support for the local community and IASC. The hottest Latin band in the city was delighting the audience, who in return showed off their incredible dancing skills.

Although the event was a fundraiser it also served as a community building event that brought together a

IASC31broad range of people from the New London community as well as the Connecticut College community. Everyone who attended enjoyed the dancing as well as interacting with a broad spectrum of people.IASC23

We are happy to know that there’s so much support from our community and we want to thank everyone who was present and who directly or indirectly helped to make the event be a great success. The funds collected will help provide legal services to low-income immigrant families.

FREE Citizenship Workshop

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    Photo Credits to MIRA Coalition

We are co-hosting a Free Citizenship Clinic on Saturday, Dec 5th with the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition. At the clinic volunteers will be helping those who attend to fill out their citizenship applications.

To see if you are eligible and for information on what to bring please take a look at MIRA’s Citizenship process page:  http://miracoalition.org/en/citizenship/sub-becoming-a-citizen.

To register for the event please call MIRA’s Citizenship Hotline:             617-500-5998 or fill out this registration form.  Feel free to contact us at  info@iascct.org or call 860-629-7758 with any questions or concerns.
FREE TRAINING for volunteers will be on Thursday, Dec 3rd. One training will be at 9am at Connecticut College and the other will take place at 5:30pm at IASC, 8 Washington Street in New London, Connecticut. To register to volunteer please fill out this form.