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Monthly Archives: October 2015

IASC hosts Connecticut College Seminar

The Immigration and  Advocacy Support Center continued its partnership with Connecticut College as recently, Connecticut College students in the first year seminar, Transmigrants in New England, visited the center to learn more about the immigration system and to hear from a guest speaker about his immigration story.

The Transmigrants in New EIMG_0514ngland seminar is currently learning about immigration patterns and cultural change occurring in the New England area. As part of the seminar, students are collaborating with IASC on the Latin Rhythm Night scheduled for November 14th and a Citizenship Workshop set for December 5th.

During the trip Attorney Mike Doyle presented to the class about the immigration system and its complexities. Students learned about the Violence Against Women Act as well as about the forms and requirements facing Political Refugees and Asylees.

After Mike presented, a political asylee from Venezuela described his immigration story. The asylee narrated the perils of Venezuela which forced him fear for his life as well as his family’s lives and eventually flee Venezuela. Once he finished illustrating the dangers he faced in Venezuela, he moved on to discuss the issues he faced inIMG_3610 becoming an asylum seeker in the United States. He detailed his work situation and family situation among other issues he as an individual faced in the immigration system.  

The information the students were able to acquire through this trip was incomparable and invaluable. The first-hand account from an asylee is unmatched and IASC enjoyed hosting the students as well as promoting learning about the United States immigration system.


An Expedited Refugee Processing Plan

Within the next year the 10,000 Syrian refugees headed for the United States will need to be processed; however, the current screening procedure is a long, arduous process. Knowing that an expedited screening process could save the lives and ensure the well-being of refugees, United States Senator Richard Blumenthal created an expedited procedure for intending refugees to gain refugee status in the United States.

On averageBlumenthal Announces Four-Point Plan to Expedite, Strengthen Refugee Processing, the previous screening process would take between 18 and 24 months, now it will take mere months. The new implementations include four steps. The first of the steps involves refugees who have family in the United States to apply directly to the United States government for screening and resettlement as opposed to having to go through other organizations such as the United Nations. Secondly, the plan intends to induce increased coordination in the screening process so that refugees do not have to undergo the same screening multiple times while waiting in processing. The third pillar of the plan calls for videoconferencing rather than the expensive security screening interviews which take place in person. The fourth measure provides for individual  family members to be resettled, instead of waiting for the whole family to be approved. Blumenthal’s plan hopes to expedite and reduce the government expenses in the refugee screening process.

For further information, please visit: http://www.theday.com/local/20151005/blumenthal-outlines-plan-to-speed-up-refugee-processing-in-wake-of-syrian-crisis