IASC Works with Local School to Showcase Immigrant Experience


For sixth graders in Mike Kuczenski’s social studies class at New London’s Interdistrict School for Arts and Communication, learning about immigration doesn’t end with textbooks.

Instead, his students are learning and sharing the stories of immigrants living in their community. Now, IASC is working with ISAAC to expand the project and produce a calendar featuring students’ work.

The project began with short profiles of New London-area immigrants. Students interviewed immigrants, then summarized their stories in profiles that also included a hand-drawn map and a professional photo. Along the way, they learned valuable skills: how to conduct and write up an interview, and how to connect individuals’ stories with the history and policies they’d been learning about.

In fact, many of Kuczenski’s students have stories of their own; more than half are immigrants themselves or are the children of immigrants.

Now that the school year is over, we’re working with Kuczenski to put his students in touch with more immigrants–and, eventually, create and distribute a calendar featuring his students’ work.

The project has already taught students that, especially when it comes to immigration, individual stories matter. It’s a lesson worth learning–and one we hope we can share alongside these students’ work.

For more information, including one of the students’ profiles, check out this article from the Day: http://www.theday.com/article/20170616/NWS01/170619419.